New additions for this coming season

We will be moving in a new direction. Yes we will still have lavender and we will be expanding our field as well. BUT we will be growing something new, at least new for us, Ornamental Grasses.

SETARIA italica MAX. Ornamental grass with solid, semi-pendulous bristles on long stems. Used in mixed bouquets, fresh or dried.

Muhly Grass Ruby. Has an impressive late summer display of see-through amber-pink flower spikes. This is the one Muhly grass with showy pink flowering plumes that can be grown in USDA zones 5 to 9.

Millet Jade Princess, 24-30 in/61-76 cm. Intense chartreuse foliage and rich brown pollenless panicles have a controlled, compact, mounded shape. Perfect for large containers and landscapes.

Juncus Spiralis Corkscrew Rush. If you like unusual indoor plants, you’ll want to add this spectacular ornamental to your collection. Stunning on its own, corkscrew rush also adds some sizzle among a display of leafy and flowering plants. In fact, those curly-Q stems are sometimes used in florists’ bouquets.

Melinis Savanah, From Africa named for its deep red panicles, this lovely ornamental grass begins as a very round clump of blue green foliage about 25cm (10″) wide. Then, in mid-summer, the flowering stalks begin to appear, starting red, but fading to pink and then to creamy silver at maturity.

Sorghum Black Broomcorn. Sorghum Black Amber, commonly known as Texas Black Amber Molasses or Broom Corn, is a long loved heirloom that produces 6′ to 8′ stalks that feature black hulls that cover amber seeds. 

Sweetgrass.  fragrant grass with long, satiny leaves. Also known as vanillagrass, mannagrass and holy grass, it is well known to many Indigenous people in Canada and the United States as a material for baskets, as well as a scent, medicine and smudge. We will use this in our smudge sticks but also sell some as plants.

As they say – TTTThat’s All Folks!

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