Going to try something new next spring

We are going to add a new Lavender to our farm to add to the Phenomenal we already grow. We will grow it ourselves from seed that we acquired from another farmer in Nova Scotia now that we have the greenhouse space to do it. Once we plant we will sell what’s left to the public.

Lavandula Angustifolia “Krajova. A beautiful blue-flowered, long-lived cultivar from Northern Europe known as Country Lavender or Czech Lavender. High essential oil content of which the fragrance has a mellow quality and flowers to 3 feet high. 

I’m officially Edumakated

I’ve been taking an extension course at Michigan State University on Lavender growing production and marketing for the last while. I just finished it today. Like an course some was interesting, some enlightening and some downright boring. In the end I prevailed and managed to pass the 7 tests to complete the Curriculum.

New Lavender Growers Group

Sometimes an opportunity falls into your lap. About a week ago Michigan State University wanted to split off their Facebook page from their University business page as it was unmanageable. I reached out to one of the Profs and made some suggestions. A couple of other students did the same. They put the three of us together and we managed, to get the job done or almost still a few glitches. The 3 of us who didn’t know each other became the Facebook page admins and the Prof and a postgrad student manage the MSU site. Confused yet? Two of us worked 10-12 hour days to get this done.

So the short of it is the three of us now know each other pretty well and we now co-administer The largest lavender farming page on Facebook with almost 10,000 members.


2022 Pricing

Fresh Bunches $6.00 each

Wellness Balm $9.00

Hydrosol 100ml $7.50

Essential Oil 10ml $14.95

Sachets $4.00

We have tried to keep our prices down but had to put a modest increase on some products.

On the Garden Tour again this year.

July 10 from 4pm to 7 pm.

We will have a draw for some of our Lanna Lavender products as well you can walk around and see what we are doing. You don’t have to be a member of the Garden Club just drop by.

The gate is down the gravel drive, lots of parking, and just past the blue wind barrier.

OMG is it 2022 already – Are you ready for Summer?.

It’s actually almost 1/2 over. We have been working hard during this rather strange spring. Cold, wet, hot, dry nothing knew what was going on. Our orchard had trees that did not even bloom and I haven’t figured out what the heck happened. While at the same time some trees are full of fruit set. Doesn’t seem to be variety either. One apple full – one not much same with the pears. One variety of asian pears did not bloom and yet another kind are all set up good.

Our well works very good even though we have an abundance of rain at least we know when it gets hot, and it will, we won’t be dry again.

We also installed a greenhouse this spring. At least it’s dry inside when it rains and we have propagated most of our own vegetables this year. Speaking of Veg we have put in a field and should have a good crop to sell. A little expansion from our lavender this year. We decided to put off a lavender expansion in favour of food production.

We have planted a lot od Asian veg and look forward to long beans, eggplant, cauliflower, Asian Broccoli and Mellons. We planted almost 75 melon plants.

I’m also trying an experiment. I have propagated almost 100 asparagus plants from seed and am getting a bed ready. We’ll see how it goes it takes 2 to 3 years to grow into a viable crop.

We will open this year for customers for Lavender, Lavender Products and Vegetables. Not sure of what days or times yet. Hope to see you drop by this summer.

Vegetables and Lavender
Inside the greenhouse before it got totally filled up.

Houston we have a —- Well?

We used a lot of water last season being so dry. Upwards of $100 plus a month as we are on a meter.

We did some math and decided that a well was in order for next year. We did our homework and then installed a shallow well down to 18 feet. water at 13 ft below grade. We installed a 3/4 HP shallow well pump and ran some tests. Even with a extremely low water table this year fe had a flow of 6 gallons per minute. Next spring when the watertable is much higher we should ger 10 GPM.

We filled out all the required paperwork and sent it in and in record time it was approved and we were issued a water use licence and a . Well Tag Number: 124171


Lanna Lavender’s new products

We have new products this year,

Pure Lavender Oil. We distill from our plants in house to ensure it’s quality. We cut the flower stalks from about 3 to 4 plants and then it takes about an hour to distill the oil which is separated from the Hydrosol in a special oil separator. 10 ml is $14.95

Hydrosol 100ml and 50ml. Hydrosol is the second product from distilling. It is basically distilled water with suspended lavender oil molecules in it. We sell 2 sizes of spritzers. It can be used to mist your pillow at night, as an air freshener or any other thing you can think of. It’s milder than oil and can be used as a light perfume. $7.50 and $4.00

Lavender Sachets. We take fesh lavender bunches and dry them, then remove th flowers. We then put the dried flowers into Organza bags. You can use these bags in a drawer, hang them in the closet or put them under our pillow at night.. $3.50 each.

Wellness Balm. This is an all purpose balm that can be used for a myriad of uses. It’s very gentle on the skin, You can use it on your feet, on sore muscles and other such uses. $8.50

Thai Massage Balls. We import these from Northern Thailand, They are filled with wild sourced and natural herbal ingredients. The best way to use them is to put them in a steamer and then when cool enough you roll them on the skin. We suggest an old tshirt as they do stain, They have a natural anti inflammatory effect that lasts for quite a while. $7.50 each

We sell from single units to bulk orders. Inquiries at lannalavender @gmail.com or 250-442-1411

Pick up only at our farm location in Grand Forks.. Cash or e-Transfer.

Finished just before the rain

Took us a bit to finish the last bed and clean up a bit.

All we have to do now is sit around and watch the lavender grow.

We put gravel around the individual plants and then put Cedar bark mulch between them all. Managed to get this all done and some cleanup before it rained.

It was so hot the other day that we couldn’t work outside. So I made this mini Buddhist Temple for the field in front of the bench. We haven’t decided what buddha we will put in it yet, but we are working on it.

At the front of the bed we have a nursery area where we are trying to save some of our frost damaged plants. We also grow lilac bushes and other plants to use around the yard and if we have excess we sell them.

So now all we have to do is sit and watch the lavender grow and in late July or early August we will have a couple of farm days where you will be able to come have a look at the field and buy some fresh lavender or our Wellness Balm. Have a good spring and summer.

A year late but almost done Phase 2

We had planned Phase 2 for last year but with Covid 19 playing such a big part we decided to put it off a year.

Well now we are done and we have phase 2 finally planted.

We decided to install a seating area, as well, in the middle of the new field. This way people who come to the farm will be able to sit and enjoy the fragrance of the lavender.

Last year our winter was mild and we had almost no snowpack on the ground. This caused a problem with cold weather and frost damage to our existing crop. We had to prune back some plants drastically and had to replace 4 that were damaged beyond hope.

We have found the damaged plants are coming back a lot quicker than we expected will probably not have much lasting damage.

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