Hurry Up water and Wait, Wait, Wait

It must be hard for all farmers. Plant the seeds and just water and wait and wait months for your product to develop.

Lavender is a bit different you get to wait for at least a year for a small yield and it hasn’t totally developed to full production for about 3 seasons. You mostly weed weed and weed some more. Lavender doesn’t like competition. Our main weed is grass as we planted in a field. We put down heavy landscape fabric but that isn’t quite heavy enough and we will replace 5 fifty foot rows with Commercial fabric before winter and with luck that will do it.

We have a metered automatic watering system of drip irrigation. We have to test the amount of water in the soil until the plants have fully developed and adjust the amount every couple of days. Lavender doesn’t like wet roots so we keep it on the dry side. We weed about once a week or when we feel motivated and we wait, wait and wait some more.

That’s about all there is to Lavender Farming or at least until the plants are into production.

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