Harvest and Production Time

It was a very wet spring and lavender normally doesn’t like wet but we have sandy well drained soil and ours loved it.

Then it got hot really hot. 96 Plus (36C) Hot with a little wind and the Lavender field loved it as well. For our first harvest year we felt we were doing a lot better than expected. Next year it should be in full production and yield up from 450 to 500 bunches.

We plan on doubling the field size next spring.

We’ve harvested almost 3/4 of the field now and we’ve had a hard time finding space to hang the lavender bunches to dry. Our entry way is full but as much as we like lavender it’s a bit overpowering at times.

With a full entry way we converted a large portion of our garage into a drying shed. 350 bunches takes up a huge amount of space.

Our first bunches of dried lavender from our entry way netted us almost a kilo of flowers. Doesn’t sound like much until you see it

For next year we have to do something a bit different to utilize the drying space more efficiently.

Now it’s on to our production of other lavender related products but that’s for another blog post.

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